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Company policy

Century-jisyo Corporation (hereafter referred to as "Company") deeply recognizes the importance of customers' information as assets, comply with information security laws and regulations, and properly handle the information assets provided by customers, We believe that it is a corporate’s social responsibility to ensure the security of information given by customers. Therefore, we set following policies bellow, based on these rules, we conduct the safety of management along these policies in order to meet customers' trust and expectation.

Policy of privacy protection of individual

  1. Company explicitly states the purpose of use of Personal Information provided by customers in advance, and ask to provide information within the appropriate range based on the consent of the customer.
  2. The company strictly maintains security of the information given by customers, as strictly following related laws, guidelines to ensure to protect your personal information from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, and alteration.
  3. Your information will be used within the range of the purpose of use specified clearly in advance, except when there is consent of the customer, or for the case the identities of individual is not specified such as statistical material etc., and unless without other reasonable reason. Those personal information we ask here on this site is, in order to provide our services and facility information smoothly. In addition, we may ask about further information for the purpose of providing information according to the individual specific needs of the customer, but the customers have choice to do so or not in order to acquire their special request, also customers are expected to give only essential matters. We collect and use personal information from customers in the following cases. To respond to the inquiries which received from customers. In order to ship and deliver various materials requested by customers. For the cases of inquiries received from customers, correspondence to consultation, confirmation and recording. For the provision of various products, services, events, campaign, operation, management and various kinds of information. For conducting questionnaires on various products, services, events, campaigns.
  4. We will not disclose acquired personal information to third parties, unless such cases below; when the customer consented, only to the company undertake our business along our client confidential policy, and when it is forced to disclose information according to laws and regulations by judicial or administrative agencies. We will not provide nor disclose your personal information to third parties unless there are other legitimate reasons otherwise.
  5. We promise to comply to related laws and regulations applied to personal information also internal rules established by the Company.


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