Name:Mr.T(Okayama Prefecture)Male

I was looking for various properties since my business stay got longer, then Ladies’Garden was introduced. I was able to see several rooms directly and found a room I like and It was a relief to find this accommodation.

Number of rooms viewd:3Rooms

Name:Mr.Y(Shiga Prefecture)Male

I am a university student from Shiga prefecture. The rent at Lady’s green is reasonable and actually saves my transportation fee includes bus, train and subway. And it is very helpful.

Number of rooms viewd:2Rooms

Name:Miss.A(Toyama Prefecture)FeMale

I am living at Kansai where I love, during my long time vacation for few years now. This accomodation is very close to Osaka Nihonbashi (Ota-road), also it is very convenient to go shopping. I will Enjoy staying this accomodation for several more years!

Number of rooms viewd:2Rooms

Name:Miss.S(Okinawa Prefecture)FeMale

There are several train stations within walking distance, thus it is very good connection to any destinations, also to my work and night school.

Number of rooms viewd:3Rooms

Name:Mr.N(Osaka Prefecture)Male

I am from Osaka, but I am living at this accommodation for few month during reforming my own house, I have no problem everyday life and going to work, because it is a center of Osaka and good connection to transportation systems.

Number of rooms viewd:1Room

Name:Mr.G(Kanagawa Prefecture)Male

I am relocated to Osaka branch office but I was confused how long I will stay, Maybe 6 months or maybe more than 1 year. However, it was very helpful because I got consultation including the contract term.

Number of rooms viewd:2Rooms

Name:Mr.Z(Osaka Prefecture)Male

I was looking for a property near my workplace. This accommodation is not only close to my workplace but also very convenient place to shop daily use items, daily necessities and restaurants. These facts made my life easier.

Number of rooms viewd:4Rooms

Name:Miss.S(Tochigi Prefecture)FeMale

I was looking for an accommodation for my first time to live alone.
I like that the room is so light and IH cooking heater is equipped.

Number of rooms viewd:3Rooms

For short term accommodation, please contact Weekly green in Namba.
(Weekly Green in Nanba is recommended for short to medium term stay!)...

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